Texas Business Climate

Texas is almost always listed as having the best business climate in the country. That is why so many businesses both large and small move or open branches in Texas.

Texas has no corporate taxes and also no personal income tax. That means a healthy climate for business as well as for employees. Texas has one of the most qualified workforces in the country. Texas also reduced the franchise tax by 25% in 2015 making it a lot better place to start a franchised business. Property taxes are also low in Texas so not only businesses have favorable taxes but individuals do as well.

texas flag

If Texas were a country it would have the stature of being the tenth largest economy in the world based on its GDP. Texas exports more goods than any other state in the union.

Happy people make a happy workforce and Texas people are happy. They enjoy a high quality of living at a low cost of living. It only makes sense that companies want to move to Texas,