Why Texas

We all know that Texas is the greatest state in the union. Our hospitality is legendary. We have never met a stranger. well maybe. There is no other place to live. We will make you feel at home no matter where you are from.

Reasons we love Texas:

  1. We have the best barbecue anywhere. Everyone knows how to smoke meat and if they don’t, there is a great bbq restaurant within minutes of home.|
    exas ribs
  2. And speaking of food, we even have a cuisine that is named after our state. Everyone has heard of Tex-mex.
  3. We also have no state income tax. I’m sure they are sticking it to us elsewhere like highway tolls that are only avoidable if you stay home or live in a small town.
    no state incom tax in Texas
  4. We love our fried food and try not to think about how unhealthy it is.
  5. Our state is so large that you can find almost any terrain or climate.
    rio grande texastexas highwaytexas beach
  6. Guns. We love our guns in Texas and don’t think about taking them away from us or we are going to have a problem.
    guns and hunting
  7. Last but not least, we love our Blue Bell ice cream.